The Academic Expedition On The Chest Wall Perforator Flaps In Breast Reconstruction – A Comprehensive Overview

Welcome to chest wall perforator web series.

The zenith of knowledge starts from curiosity and a passion to learn and explore new surgical techniques. A lot of enthusiasm has emerged in chest wall perforators for breast reconstruction. The untiring efforts of surgeons has thrown light on topographic localisation, understanding the perforator physiology, the behaviour of linking vessels and the anatomy of perforator territories. This exhaustive knowledge is being translated from free to pedicled perforator flaps for breast reconstruction by breast surgeons. With the chieftains on board, this learning becomes easy and throws light on the miniature of information, very much needed for practical application. In this web series, we bring forth the knowledge and experience of all these maestros to make perforators flaps easy and practical. This web series is an initiative to interact with these fore runners en face, gain from their experience and learn from the scratch. With newer methods comes new challenges and who could be a better teacher than those who have made exhaustive efforts and brought their work in the form of publications.

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