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15th May Dr. Michel Saint Cyr The Perforasome Theory - Vascular anatomy and clinical indications Dr. Neerja Dupta (Delhi)
22th May Dr. Vinay Kant Shankhdhar Delayed phenomenon of choke vessel dilatation – Application in chest wall perforator flaps Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati (Hyderabad)
29th May Dr. Diptendra Kumar Sarkar Preoperative mapping of perforator - Comparative performance of different imaging Dr. Prof. SV Deo (Delhi)
5th June Dr. Michel Saint Cyr The concept of “Angle of Perfusion “ - its clinical significance Dr. Asha Reddy (Chennai)
12th June Dr. Ashok B.C The versatility of ICAP in breast reconstruction Dr. Rajinder Kaur Saggu (Delhi)
19th June Dr. Cristian Carrasco Lopez Anterior intercostal artery flap- Anatomical and radiologic study Dr. Neerja Gupta (Delhi)
26th June Dr. Michel Saint Cyr The descending branch Muscle sparing LD flap and comparison with transverse branch Dr. Yasan Masannat (Delhi)
3rd July Dr. Cristian Carrasco Lopez Anterior intercostal artery perforator flap in immediate reconstruction - Anatomy and clinical application Dr. Vinay Kant Shankhdhar (Tata, Mumbai)
10th July Dr. Claudio Angrigiani Propeller TDAP in breast reconstruction Dr. Tushar Jadav (Pune)
17th July Dr. Michel Saint Cyr Bilateral superior epigastric pedicle perforator flaps for total chest wall coverage Dr. Nandini (Delhi)
24th July Dr. Paloma Malagon Lopez Intraoperative indocyanine green angiography in breast reconstruction for flap perfusion Intraoperative Indocyanine Green Angiography for Fat Necrosis Reduction Dr. Arun Goel (Delhi)
31st July Dr. Claudio Angrigiani Extended TDAP in breast reconstruction Dr. Amit Patil (Pune)
7th August Dr. Stephen Mc Culley LTAP in partial breast reconstruction Dr. Neerja Gupta (Delhi)
14th August Dr. Soni Saumian Chest wall perforator flaps for partial breast reconstruction-Surgical outcomes Dr. Kirti Kabeer (Chennai)
21st August Dr. Bhagwat Mathur Post-mastectomyreconstruction with perforator based and V Y flaps Dr. Pardeep (Delhi)
28th August Dr. Ashok B.C LTAP flaps in breast reconstruction Dr. Roshina Ahmed (Lucknow)
4th September Dr. Moustafa Hamdi Use of TDAP with implant in breast reconstruction Dr. Yazan Masannat (UK)
11th September Dr. Chaitanyanand Koppiker Perforator flaps in Special Circumstances Dr. Khizer Ganju
18th September Dr. Nita Nair Chest wall perforator flaps – Indian scenario Dr. Jay R Anam (Mumbai)
25th September Dr. Shalaka Joshi Transposition flaps for the oncoplastic reconstruction of outer quadrant breast- Defects Dr. Vaishali Zamre (Delhi)
2nd October Dr. Prof Chintamani Newer surgical techniques- Training and legal perspectives Dr. Tarun Mittal (Mumbai)
9th October Dr. Pankaj Roy Single vs double staged reconstruction Dr. Veda Padmapriya (Chennai)
16th October Dr. Manoj Johar Perforator Flap Terminology Dr. Misha (Delhi)
23rd October Dr. Ashok B.C Perforator Flaps - My Experience Dr. Navneet Kaur (Delhi)

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